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Guest Post By Sue Porter
The “Accidental Leader”


Nike has proven their leadership in the running shoe market by increasing their share of the 3.6 billion dollar industry by 15% in a short 2 year span. This means they went from 47% in 2007 to 61% in 2009.

How did they accomplish this? They launched an incredible, out of the box, running program that has not only accelerated their growth in the market, but simultaneously reduced their marketing costs. It is simply brilliant!

Retailers are given the opportunity to:
• Test new designs of potential running shoes
• Customize their individual employee training programs that involve Nike
• Increase their product/service visibility

At the same time, customers were given the greatest incentive, called Nike+, where avid runners participate by:
• Motivating themselves to run, by
• Monitoring their training progress, and
• Receiving information on the best routes to run in their area.

In just two short years runners did their 100 millionth mile, and in another two years they skyrocketed that number to over 260 million miles. All this was done with more than 1.5 million runners in the program. Impressive figures, to say the least!

Think about it, they’ve provided better retail support and encouragement while at the same time encouraging MORE RUNNING, translating into MORE NIKE SHOES SOLD. Simply extraordinary!

I’ve seen the same thing done on Facebook.

Your own Michele Scism has brought not only attention to her company, but assisted her audience and following to grow their businesses by launching the creative blogging program: “Ultimate Blog Challenge”. Nice job Michele!

Your Coaching Moment:

What can you do to think outside of your industry’s marketing box?
• How can you support your audience and potential clients/customers?
• While at the same time, bring a BIG BUZZ to your brand and offerings?

Find this combination, and you’ve got the perfect equation for increased awareness and interest in you, and your business, while simultaneously reducing your marketing costs. And like Nike, it could spread exponentially. Who wouldn’t love that?

Sue Porter The “Accidental Leader” is a Business Consultant and Executive Coach who helps you take the accident out of your leadership and your life by assisting you in becoming intentionally excellent in all that you do. www.AccidentalLeader.com


Thank you Sue for a wonderful blog post.  Sue is a brilliant business consultant and someone you should get to know better.

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