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Last week, Paul Taubman from ineedhelpwithwordpress.com  came and spoke at my live Take Action Get Profits event (if you missed it and live near Houston, I'm covering much of the same material at a one day event on October 15 – click here for more info)

Paul's presentation was chock full of information about blogging and how to make your posts easier to share.  Since we are a few days into the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I thought I would share his plug in recommendations with you.

You can add these plugins to your WordPress blog by going to the plug ins menu, clicking on “add new” and then “search” and type in the name of the plugin.  All of these plugins are available for free.

Add to Any – Allows people to share bookmark and e-mail posts and pages using any service. You can customize the colors of the menu.

Facebook Like Button by Dean Peters – allows you to configure and place the facebook like button before and after each page. To get the faces to show up – you must make the size of your box at least 100px

Light Social Plugin – This done what Add to Any does but it is a very small plug in which makes it less likely to slow down your site.

Sexy Bookmarks – Add attractive social bookmarking to your pages and posts.  The trick to using this one well is to limit the number of sites that you share too.

Share This – This plug in provides a lot of good reporting – so that you can learn what people are interested in on your site.

Sociable – This plug in automatically posts your posts to Facebook and likes them.

Tweet meme – Adds a button for retweeing to your blog post – you can configure it to post with your hashtag.  Also allows for good tracking for retweets

Comment Redirect – This nifty plug in brings people to a page of your choice after they've commented for the first time.

Subscribe to comments – This plug in allows people to subscribe to comments on a particular post to keep the conversation flowing.

Thanks Paul for all of these great plug in suggestions.

What are your favorite WordPress plug ins?