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Are you spending a lot of time on social media and not getting results?  I'm here again, as the truth teller. If you aren't getting coaching clients from your social media efforts, you are probably doing social media wrong.  Let me tell you a story about one of my clients.  I'll call her Jane.   When I first start with a new client, I ask them what they do each day.  The idea behind this introductory conversation is to have my clients see how much time they are spending on activities that aren't producing income.

It turns out Jane was spending 4 hours a day (or half her work day) on social media.  The problem was her efforts weren't getting her clients.  She tweeted, pinned, facebooked and used Linked In.  Nothing happened. She was about ready to give up on social media entirely.

Want to know why Jane's strategy failed?

Jane treated social media has her own personal broadcast platform.  She wrote about her business and her personal life.  Talking about yourself is a good thing.  The problem comes when you don't relate your posts to the transformation you  are trying to make for your clients.  I see this is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make – they think their social media community actually cares about their day to day life.  Yes, adding in an occasional personal tidbit makes you more likeable – but the most of your posts should be about helping (or even just inspiring) you prospects.  How can you solve their problems?

3 Tips for Creating Audience Focused Social Media Posts. 

Here are three ways you can make your social media posts more audience friendly:

  • What are people asking?  Spend some time listening to the problems people write about on your page and on other pages in your niche.  Write your posts to answer those questions.
  • What is trending?  Take a look at the trending topics on Facebook and Twitter.  Can you relate any of your posts to what is in the news?   Is Donald Trump in the news? Write a blog post about when you had to fire a client.
  • Share popular posts.  An easy way to build like to your page is to go to the most popular page in your niche.  Think big here (like Oprah or Entrepreneur Magazine) and share a post that is already getting likes and shares.   You will get a lot of likes and shares on your post too.

What are your favorite kinds of social media posts?  How are you using social media to grow your list?