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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

When is the last time you took time for a little keyword analysis?  As an online entrepreneur whether you are writing blog posts, creating websites or writing articles a little keyword research could make your life a lot easier.

As I started to write this blog post I thought I would title it keyword research but when I did a quick keyword analysis using the Google Adwords Tool  I found out that the words “keyword analysis” were better.  Check this out:

  • “Keyword Research” was searched for on Google an estimated 74000 times last month which seems like it would be a rocking solid keyword but then when I looked at how many websites use them as a keyword there were 3.5 million sites.  Remember the larger the competition number the harder it is for you to compete.
  • “Keyword Anaylsis” was searched for on Google an estimated 3600 times last month.  Now this number is so much lower than 74000 you might be thinking this one sucks but don't give up on it yet.  When I look at the competition there are only 774,000 sites using it as a keyword.  That is a much more winable situation. 

There are multiple free tools you can use to do keyword analysis.  I pretty much always use Googles but I am curious which one you use?  Please leave me a comment and let me know if you are really liking a different program.