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digital productDigital products are an effective way to grow your business. In addition to being used to build a list and provide bonus value for your audience, you can sell them online to add to your bottom line. If you’re selling a digital product then chances are you’ve put in a good deal of time and energy into the product. So why isn’t it selling like you’d hoped? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons.

It’s in the Wrong Format 

There are a number of different formats that you can leverage to create, and sell, a digital product. For example, you could sell an online course, an eBook, or a webinar (which can be pre-recorded). Your audience likely prefers one type of content over another. For example, a younger audience might skew towards video, whereas an older audience may prefer an eBook or even an old-school print book. Pay attention to the type of content your audience responds to in your content marketing. That’s likely a strong indicator of how you should present your digital product.

You’re Marketing it to Everyone

This mistake is so common. Business owners often feel like their digital products or services would help lots of different types of people, and that may be true, but you can’t market it this way. You have to market your product to a highly specific audience. Narrow your audience by demographics, for example, men over age 40 who live in the suburbs and want a green lawn. Now you can create marketing that appeals directly to this audience. If you want to market to women over 40 who live in the suburbs and want a green lawn, create different marketing.

It’s Not Solving a Specific Problem 

Just like your audience can be too general, your product can be too general as well. The best digital products solve specific problems. This can be addressed in the marketing and may not require you to rework your digital product but take a close look at what you’re offering and what the benefit of buying the product really is. For example, an online course on how to have more energy may not be specific enough for a health coaching audience. Yet a “3-day detox to boost your energy” might appeal. Be specific on what you’re offering and how it helps. It may be as simple as a change in the title of your product and some reworked marketing.

Digital products are profitable when you have a solid understanding of what your audience wants and needs. Do the research first, before you create your next digital product. It can take a little time to rework your marketing and digital products, but the increase in sales will make it all worth the effort.

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