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Winter 2012 Platinum Coaching Group

Last weekend, I held a mastermind retreat with my Platinum private coaching members.  It was amazing to see the progress everyone was making in their businesses.  I asked Platinum member Nancy Kay of Moving Forward Through Divorce to write about her experience.

I just returned yesterday from attending my first Mastermind Event in Houston, Texas hosted by Michele Scism CEO of Decisive Minds and Belanie Dishong, CEO of Live at Choice.

I first met Michele at a women’s business conference in Boston in October 2011. At that time, I was in the early stages of putting together my Divorce and Co-Parenting Coaching business, Moving Forward Through Divorce. Michele’s reassuring manner and strong knowledge of social media and strategic business building greatly inspired me as I learned more from her about the rewards that are possible from starting an online business.

Soon after meeting Michele, I signed up for the Take Action, Get Profits Program where Michele shared many valuable resources and the specific strategies that she has used herself to attract clients and build her audience as a leading authority in social media.

After I began using these social media strategies that really work and learning even more through Michele’s next program about how to create an information product for my clients in just 30 days, I met Michele again at another women’s conference.

I asked Michele to tell me more about the different levels of Coaching Programs she offers for business owners like me who are highly motivated and want to move forward with an action plan that is specifically designed to build both visibility and profitability in consistent ways.

After joining her Platinum Level Program, I’ve been working closely with Michele to implement the steps I need to take now to expand what I am able to offer to my clients.

As part of her Platinum Coaching Program, Michele and Belanie worked closely together to create an extremely powerful 2 day Mastermind Event. At the Mastermind, Michele and Belanie addressed our mindset, core beliefs, current business results, and the biggest challenges we are dealing with right now as each of us had time to share our individual struggles, questions, and specific plans.

During our several days together, I really appreciated getting the opportunity to begin to build collaborative relationships with other women from all over the country and Canada who also share these same desires to maximize their visibility and attract more clients and customers.

Each day we benefited from sharing ideas that had worked for us (or things we had tried that did not work well for us) and brainstorming business building strategies within the supportive group of women there.

My expectations of what the Mastermind Event could provide to me were greatly exceeded throughout the time I was in Houston. After arriving with quite a few questions, I left the Mastermind on Sunday with a clear plan of action and many exciting new friendships with other women who understand just what it takes to create a successful business while using online marketing strategies.