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OK…. this has been brewing for a while and I feel like I need to set the record straight.  For the past few weeks, I have been talking with dozens of business owners about the possibility of becoming a sponsor for my Take Action Get Profits event (September 10-12, Houston, TX).

I keep hearing something along the lines of … “yeah, sure, I've spent a lot of money traveling to live events – but I get home and my business doesn't change … at all.”

Live Events Can Change Your Life

I have to tell you the people who tell me this are just plain lazy…  I built my 500K a year business at live events both large ones – I sponsored “Be the Change” – and small – I have spoken at hundreds of luncheons.

Live Events Are for Meeting People

The MAIN benefit of traveling to a live event is that you get to MEET PEOPLE.

If I look at my client list (people who have actually paid me more than $500) – I can picture the faces of each of those people.

Online marketing is great for attracting people to and event and following up – but really, truly, sales come from conversations… and the easiest way to have lots of those conversations is to go where your prospects are… for many of you reading this blog – that's live events.

Live Events Are for Learning

The SECONDARY benefit of going to conferences is learning.  I can't tell you how many times I implemented just one strategy from a speaker that more than paid for my travel costs for the conference.  The secret though, is in the implementation.

So… now that I've said that… I want to know… WHY are you going to events and not benefiting from them?

Tell me the honest truth… I'm planning my September event and want to make it helpful to you…

How Can I Help?

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