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When I first started to market my business, www.DecisiveMinds.com, on social media in March of 2010 it became quickly obvious that my social media audience was not just my potential clients.

There are actually 3 groups of people that I am trying to connect with online. I will share my 3 groups with you and then I would love to know how you would expand on this.1. Past Clients, Current Clients and Potential Clients – Of course you knew I would start with this one. The best place to start on social media is with your current and past clients. In the next section I will give you some ideas about how you can find your potential clients on social media.

2. Potential Joint Venture Partners and Colleagues – We want to start immediately making connections with potential JV partners because this is the group of people who can introduce us to their already developed audiences. You start to follow people who service the same audience that you do but aren’t necessarily direct competition. For example, if you are a business coach then you might find someone who teaches social media marketing or list building to joint venture with. You both work with entrepreneurs but your programs teach something different.

3. Mentors – I don’t know about you but I am in a perpetual state of learning. I love learning and I want to learn from those who are where I want to be. They have been over the mountains and through the valleys already and can help you to navigate and avoid the potholes that stopped them along the way.

Who do you try to connect with on social media?

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