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Question_mark_(black_on_white)Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of selling a product they don't entirely believe in because they think it's going to make them successful.  The reality though is that you have to have that passion, that drive to be a success, as an entrepreneur.  If you're just selling something to make money, you're not going to be as successful as you could be. Sure, you can make money that way but it may not be enough for you.

So, one thing I always recommend before deciding on a niche, product, or business is to think about what problem you want to solve?  Think about what pisses you off? Or breaks your heart every time you think of it?  How does this problem hinder your ideal clients?

There's going to be one main problem that stands out to you and that you can't ignore.  This problem should be integral to the success or failure of your ideal clients. It should also be a problem that you already have the abilities to solve – or are developing the abilities to solve! Once you've identified the problem, then ask what can you do about it?

If you combine the problem with your unique talents and skills, you'll have a much better formula for success than simply selling something.  Your passions and skills are what drive you so they definitely need to be part of the picture.  Once you focus on how your skills and talents intersect with the problem, you'll be much better equipped to solve the problem that you've identified.

The problem itself is only part of the battle, but once you have an idea of what the problem you want to solve is – you can go and solve it!    Now remember, what you think the solution is may not be what you initially present to your potential clients. We talked a little bit about this here but sometimes you need to start with what your clients think they need before you can show them what solution they really need. If they think they know the solution, they may be resistant to something else right off the bat.

It all comes back to the problem though.  You have to identify what your ideal client is struggling with before you can even attempt to solve it. If you've already identified your client's problem, add it to the comments below! Or, if you're struggling to identify it, let us know!  Add your thoughts to the comments below.