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I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times – “be sure to include a call to action.”  But, if you’re like many new or even experienced entrepreneurs, you may still be skeptical as to the usefulness of a call to action.  Well, let me tell you it really is critical to your success – I promise!

Here’s why:

You may remember that we’ve talked about how a confused buyer doesn’t buy.  Well, without a call to action, how is the customer supposed to know what to do next?  It is highly probable that they will simply give up and move onto someone else if they can’t figure out how to work with you.  This is obviously not something we want to encourage!  We want to make sure the interested party signs up with you!  You’ve already started the process because they’re looking at your free offer, e-book, website, etc so now you have to make sure they CAN take the next step.

So, what can your call to action be?

This may vary depending on your type of business but the call to action is often going to be contacting you directly in some fashion.  For instance, at the end of a free report you may want to include a link to schedule a strategy session with you (or a team member.)  This will allow them a simple way to reach out and get you in front of them personally.  Plus, since you’re leaving the scheduling to them, you’ll probably get people who really are interested in working with you.

A simple way to do this is to use an online calendar.  I use TimeTrade but there are a ton of other options out there depending on what you’re looking for.  The benefit of an online scheduler is that it eliminates a lot of the back and forth that occurs when you’re trying to schedule someone.  This takes a lot of the hassle out of this type of call to action.

Depending on how they got to the call to action, it could also be signing up for YOUR list.  Let’s say that they’re reading something from your blog or from a free teleseminar you’re participating in.  Well, that means you may not have them on your list and won’t be able to communicate with them regularly.  Include a call to action that directs them where to sign up and why they would want to.

All in all a call to action can only help you drive business so why would you want to miss out?

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