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Today's guest blogger is Steve Levine, Executive Publisher of Small Business Today Magazine.  Do you live near Houston?  Hear me speak at the SBT monthly Lunch and Learn on November 10.  Check out the flyer at the bottom of this blog post for more information.

Steve Levine – Small Business Today Magazine

There are really only two true motivators for success.  They are hope of gain or fear of loss.  By far, fear of loss is a lot stronger.  We all launch our businesses with the hopes of building and growing a business that will work for us and not the other way around.

But, when there is a true fear of failing at that business or whatever your dream is, you commit yourself to that accomplishment.  Ask any of our cover honorees what helped them achieve their success in spite of the odds against them and they will tell you it was their desire and fear of failure.

I have often observed that “If there was a victory, there had to be a battle.”

My friend and SBT Columnist, Ruben Gonzalez says, “Pursue your goals like a soldier going to battle who is on a mission to succeed!”

I was recently a guest on the “Exit Plan Show” and was asked what my own motivation for success was.  I shared my personal story that began with my desire to prove that my grade point average in high school and college were NOT going to be a reflection of my potential for success in life!!!

Even though I was lucky if I received a grade of “C” in school, I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished these past 44 years since I left school.  In addition, I have reached most of my professional and life goals and dreams ahead of projection! One needs to remember that “Failing does not deem you a failure” and every attempt leads to a lesson learned.

I am reminded of how many attempts that Edison had to make in the creating of the light bulb, how many times that Babe Ruth actually struck out at the plate on the way to becoming the “Home Run King” of his day.

No one sets out to fail, but you must expect some setbacks along the way. The same Quarterback who is sacked during a game can get back on his feet and throw a pass that is run for a touchdown, right?

So, except setbacks, keep your eye on the prize and don’t give up.