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Do you ever wonder if your coaching is really with the prices you charge?  I know that a lot of my clients struggle with this . Heck… I used to really struggle – that was one of the reasons it took me six months to really get my business in gear.

Then, my mentor showed me how to get some clarity – by doing the following exercise.  If you ever wondered if you are “really worth it” – take some time to do the following exercise to connect with your value (and you ability to change lives).

Decide On Your Value

1. List  all the results, benefits and transformations you have helped clients achieve (or that you think you COULD help them achieve.  Note – I will not accept “none” as an answer – you are not thinking hard enough.  I want you to list at least 10… the more the better (of course).

2. Now that you have that list – put a star beside “your very best” – the stuff that is most valuable to your clients.

3.  Go deeper  For each of your benefits – keep asking yourself and why is that important.

An example:

I help clients create their first successful product

Why is that important?  They can make more money

Why is that important? They don't have to get an outside job

What is that important?  They can spend more time with their children

Why is that important?  Children grow up very fast – you can't get back time you can't spend with them.

4. Now decide how much that deeper benefit is worth – and assign a value to it. 

Spending more time with children – priceless

Being able to be a role model of a woman who has a successful business for my children – priceless.

As you go through the list, you'll discover that what you provide (or want to provide) to your clients is truly transformative, life-saving and priceless.

Keep the list somewhere where you can access it often to remind yourself that not only is your work worth every penny of what you charge – you are worth it.

Now, list some of  your priceless benefits in the comment space below 🙂