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Want more clients?  Make more money? To build yourInkyDeals-Happy-New-Year-2013-1 list?.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to get more consistent with your content creation.  For most of us, blogging is the easiest way to do that because you can use the content you create on the blog on all of your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linked In plus whatever *new* platforms will be evolving in 2013.

Blogging is the secret sauce that will allow you to create a rocking business in 2013!

In the past two years, I have built a beyond six figures business.  Having a coach, doing teleseminars played a part – but I never would have built my list or increased my web traffic to the point where I was effective without blogging.   One of the best ways to get better at blogging is to set some concrete goals (or New Year’s resolutions) for your blog.

Here are three great resolutions to get your blog going in 2013:

1. Blog Consistently One of the best ways to get readers and more traffic to your blog is to write at least 3 times per week.  Writing daily is better.  Want a quick way to get started and motivated with consistent blogging?  Join the Ultimate Blog challenge.  You’ll be encouraged to blog daily and create many new partnerships and collaborations along with way.

2. Plan Your Posts  The complaint I hear the most when I suggest that people hop on to the blog challenge is that they don’t have anything to write about each day.   The easiest way to overcome blog writers block is to create an editorial calendar.  Take a few moments to brainstorm posts – then put them in a calendar format.  You may not end up sticking with the calendar exactly but at least you’ll have an idea ready each day.

You can also plan themes – Mondays are for social media, Tuesdays for tech tools, etc.  You can then take the different series and create e-books etc from them.

3. Comment, Share and Collaborate  One of the best ways to get traffic on your blog is to interact with other people’s blogs.  Comment on their posts, share what is interesting with your tribe via social media.  The more interaction the better.  If you are looking for a good blogging community -check out the Ultimate Blog Challenge which starts tomorrow. (if you see this post after 1/1 – no worries – you can register at any time during the challenge.)

I would love to visit your blog and see what you are up to.  Post the link below so we can come check it out.