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This past week was income tax filing week in the US?  Did you all survive?  I use this week to take stock of my business… one thing that I am grateful for this year is getting to meet more of you and helping you to get your wisdom out into the world.    Congratulations on still going strong with the blog challenge…  Here are some highlights from this week.

Do you use MailChimp for your internet marketing? It *is* a powerful mailing list that is certainly priced right (free to 3,000). The catch? You can't include affiliate links in your newsletter. In her post, Ask-Jaime shares why she has stopped using MailChimp.

Earth Day is tomorrow (April 22) – The Romantic Vinyard features ideas for making your marriage better. Have you thought about going on a date just to celebrate Earth Day? Here are some great ideas.

Who doesn't love chocolate? Did you know that besides being great for you (there are new studies that prove daily chocolate consumption helps you lose weight…) Chocolate can be an integral part of your business plan. Check out Alison's blog  for why chocolate can be the grease for the wheels of a successful business.

Have you ever thought about expanding your business internationally? Rhonda Cort gives some great tips on how to do that …

Do you use your housework as an excuse to procrastinate on the other things you need to get done? I admit, I've this… Here are some great hits from Shelley Molitor about how to get over the housework hump…

Do you know what you are born to do? I know a lot of people struggle with this one. Here is a post from The Daily Details that gives some great hints on how to find your talent.

Keep up the great work everyone – we are 2/3 the way through the challenge – keep blogging!