How to do VIP Days

Over the last 6 years I have done approximately 60 VIP Days so I am often asked how to do VIP Days. And I have to start with one thing……….. a WARNING! Not having a plan for your VIP Days will quickly cost you clients, your reputation, and lots of money. You must focus on how to do VIP Days with your clients.

Your VIP day has a goal, and in order to reach it, you have to stay on track. And that of course, requires careful planning.

Design Your VIP Days in 3 Pieces

Every minute of your day should be planned out, from when and where you’ll be having lunch, to the exact minute of departure. By leaving nothing to chance, you’ll eliminate the possibility of running overtime, and you never have to worry about whether your client got the value out of it.

I start my VIP Days at 10am. That means arrival and set up starts about 9:30.

Decide on 3 focuses of the day. Because I am a business coach the majority of my VIP days cover how to make money.

-1st section of the day is about what the client is selling and creating a revenue plan.

-2nd section of the day is about how they are going to build credibility and a community.

-3rd section of the day is about how to close more sales.

My goal is to spend 2 hours on each section. So we will do the first section then take an hour lunch and return to do the second and third sections. The full day will take about 7 hours total.

This may seem like a very little amount of  time, but after doing a lot of VIP days I can tell you that people can not absorb any more than that.

Now that you know how to do VIP Days, are you ready to make money with your own VIP days?

Great. The next question is how do you attract the right people who are willing to pay you $5000 or $10000 for a single days work. Maybe you are wondering how much you should be charging for your VIP days.

You are in luck! In my “VIP Days Mastered: How to Earn a Month’s Income in 1 Daywebinar I am going to show you how to know what to charge and how to attract the perfect clients for VIP Days.

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