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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

As you probably know I am a big advocate for the use of PLR in business. How about using PLR as part of your affiliate program?

If you run an affiliate program, you know how time consuming it can be to keep your affiliate center loaded with tools and resources to help your affiliates promote your product or services. It can be a full time job in it's own and quite frankly as a business owner you have other things you need to expend your energy on, on top of your affiliate program.

One way to save yourself some time and keep your affiliates happy and with a constant source of promotional resources is with the use of PLR articles. There are actually a couple of ways to go about this, so choose the one (or both) that fits your particular program needs the best.

The first way to use PLR in your affiliate program is to use your own PLR articles and rewrite them so they can be used by your affiliates to promote your product or service. This will save you tons of time writing completely original content for them to use. It will also save you money, because PLR articles tend to be much less expensive than hiring a ghostwriter.

The second way, which will benefit you and your affiliates more in the long run, but may not be something your affiliate's are willing to do on a consistent basis (which is why you should actually implement both of these techniques) is to teach your affiliates how to use their own PLR content to promote you.

You can set up an e-Course or training manual that explains how PLR works and why it's beneficial to them to use it in your program. Don't be surprised when if you get a few emails from affiliates thanking you for turning them onto private label rights articles, either.

Here is a great resource – For more information and great PLR you need to check out what Nicole Dean is up to.  Yes I am an affiliate but only because I am such a happy and satisfied customer.  Thanks Nicole!