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Screenshot 2014-11-25 07.06.31This week is Thanksgiving week and I want to share one of my most delicious recipes for success.  This one simple tweak is the shift that can quickly turn an expensive hobby into a profitable business.  It is that very critical first step between owning a business and leaving a legacy…  I like to call it Vitamin A… and the very best part is that it doesn't have to cost you a dime.

Vitamin A – The Key To A Thriving Business

So what is the mystery miracle drug? It's not a drug at all… just simple appreciation.  And, it is the most powerful gift you can give your business.  If you appreciate something, you'll take better care of it,  if you take care of it, it will grow…. it is as simple as that.  The flip side of this is that if you complain about something you are likely to lose it (this especially applies to clients!)

What Complaints REALLY Do

As a coach, I listen to clients who spend the whole call complaining the lack of new clients in their business.  Because I'm the Results Lady and not their therapist, I don't let this go on for very long on our calls.  Yes, it's good to vent, but is the client really paying attention and caring for the customers they have now? What if they sent cards, connected with them more on social media and most importantly did everything in their power to do an amazing job?  The customer would be happy and refer new business.

Your Numbers Need Appreciation Too

Another side of appreciation that people don't think of as often, is taking care of your numbers. As a former accountant, I spend some time with my coaching clients getting a solid and realistic handle on their finances.  One of the first documents my clients have to send me is an income/expense spreadsheet.  An appreciative business owner would not only be able to produce this in minutes (because they would have it done), they would know the numbers off the top of their head.  When my clients start with me, many have to do “research” to create this important foundational business document.  They are not appreciating what they have.  By keeping track of your income, you are inviting more of it in your life.

Are You Doing What You Need To Do To Grow Your Business?

The final area where I think you could change your business by being more appreciative, is tracking your own effort.  Right now, one to one calls are one of the best ways to sell people into programs.  And, a good closer is probably only getting 3 or 4 yes's per 10 calls.   My clients have a sheet with smiley faces for each call they need to make in a month.  Doing the tracking makes a difference… appreciating the effort almost ALWAYS brings more clients.

Get Some Vitamin A Right Now.

One of the best ways to start appreciating is to assess where you are in your business?  An easy way to do that is to fill out my quick and easy assessment form…. who knows you may win a free one on one meeting with me! https://decisiveminds.com/assessment

How can you add more Vitamin A into your business?