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One of the hardest things for small business owners to discover is what makes them unique. When you understand your unique business advantage you can not only easily answer the question that terrifies most entrepreneurs – “So what do you do?”  You can also define a clear marketing message for your ideal client.

So what is your business advantage?  Basically, your business advantage is what is unique about you and your business.  After working with so many entrepreneurs I realized that just knowing what makes you unique is only part of the equation.

I have spent many years helping entrepreneurs figure this out.  Not only do you need to make a list of your unique talents, skills and experiences, you also need to have passion behind your business, because let’s face it, business is hard and there are going to be times you want to give up. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, the easier it will be to stop doing it.

The third part of your business advantage is understanding who you want to work with and what they already think they need.  The last piece is the key. That is where your e-mail list and your audience come into play.

Here’s how to use your e-mail list to discover what your customers think is your unique business advantage:

  • Engage your audience at the end of each e-mail.  Ask them questions like “What is it that attracted you to our products/services?” You can always send them to Facebook to comment on your fan page.
  • Ask your audience to share their questions with you.  Offer to answer questions on your blog or on your Facebook page. These questions should show you what they consider to be their biggest issues and that will give you an opportunity to give an answer that shows your unique approach.
  • Offer free strategy sessions – I’ve been using strategy sessions (complimentary phone conversations) to enroll people in my coaching programs – but I also pay close attention during the conversation to why they wanted to talk to me (paying close attention to the actual words they use).
  • Create A Survey – Create a quick survey for your audience – ask them what they would like to learn from you.

Now it is time for you to find your unique business advantage. If you are stuck this might be a time for us to have a conversation.  Note: I stay pretty busy so if you don't see any times open please check back.

*Original post Oct 2012. Updated June 2018.