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Wow!  We have over 300 people registered for this month's blog challenge.   And… you guys are an active bunch.  There is a lot of great activity, conversation and support happening in the Facebook group and on Twitter.  Keep it up — interaction is what makes the Blog Challenge fun!

The thing that impresses me the most about this group of challengers is how diverse you all are.  I had a wonderful time learning about everything from crafts, cooking, motivation, art, writing reading your posts this week.

Here are a few posts that I think you should check out.

1.  Did you know that WordPress is updating again?  Leave it to our resident WordPress guru Paul Taubman to give us the scoop on WordPress 3.4 .  It looks like great things are coming down the pike — but the release isn't ready for prime time yet.   If you use WordPress for your site, Paul's blog is a great place to keep up to date on all the (monthly?!) updates.

2.  The perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I haven't had a chance to try this out yet – but Katrina posted what looks like a fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe.  There is also a great discussion on our Facebook group about perfecting recipes (people share favorites there too)

3. Are you afraid to open gifts?  I loved this post from Raven Siker about “opening the package” and accepting your gifts and talents.   The picture for the blog post is just perfect too.

4.  What do you really need to get started online.  I have been following Yvonne Jones for a while now.  She always has great, no nonsense things to say about starting a business and serving your customers better. Currently, Yvonne is writing a great series on getting started in online marketing.  I especially liked her article on how having a plan and the right mindset is essential to getting started.

5.  Have you ever thought about doing a Joint Venture? I know that a lot of the big wins in my business have come directly from working with other people.  Gina Bell is one of the masters of the creative and successful JV.  In this blog post, she shows you 4 simple steps to planning the joint adventure of a lifetime.

And a bonus…  one of the things that people discover a little later in the blog challenge is that a post does not have to be long to be effective.  I really liked Linda Luke's post on Simple Smart Business about  5 Steps to Get Your Morning Off To A Good Start.

Keep up the great work everyone 🙂