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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

As most of you know Michelle Shaeffer and I are co-hosting The Ultimate Blog Challenge in the month of August.  One of the main goals of joining a blog challenge is to connect with other bloggers and drive traffic to your website.

A lot of the bloggers that are joining the challenge use social media to promote their blog posts.  Twitter in particular is a fantastic way to promote your blog because once you tweet about your blog post then hopefully your twitter friends re-tweet it and before you know it hundreds even thousands have seen the tweet about your post.

I just created a list in my Twitter account to make it easier to follow all of the blog challenge members.

Note**If you are participating in the challenge and you use Twitter please make sure you are on the list.

Click here to see the twitter list.

How do you use Twitter to get the most out of a blog challenge?

1.  Is there a twitter list you can be added to. This will help other blog participants find you easier.

2.  Is there a hash tag (#) that you should be using during the challenge. The hash tag for our challenge is #blogboost.  You simply add the hash tag to your posts as you make them and people can search for your post by the hash tag.

3.  Follow all the other bloggers that are participating. You can simply pull up the twitter list, if one is available, click on “following:” on the right side of the screen.  That will give you a complete list of people in the challenge and you can follow them from that page.

4.  Follow the list also. Click on “Follow this list” at the top of the screen.

5.  Re-tweet the posts of fellow bloggers. Since you are following them and following the list you will be seeing their posts.  You can also search for the hash tag to find their posts.  Remember that re-tweeting is something that is usually reciprocated.  You re-tweet my stuff and more than likely I will re-tweet yours.

6.  Promote the blog challenge to your twitter followers. Remember that a blog challenge is a community effort to improve the traffic of all the bloggers involved.  The more bloggers the better the traffic.  Tell your followers that you are participating, invite them to join you and be sure to give them the web address to sign up.

Hope these tips help you to get the most out of this blog challenge and all of the blog challenges to come.

Coming Soon:  How to Use Twitter Hash Tags

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