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By Michele Scism,
The Results Lady

If you don't belong to the Twitterverse (yes it's a word – it's in the Urban Dictionary) you may not know what people are talking about when they say “Hashtag”.  I found this great video from Mari Smith about how to best use hashtags.

Hashtags are a fantastic way to track trending topics and Mari shares some really great tips for using them and several sites to use if you are wanting trending information.

So how did Twitter come up with “hashtags”?  Twitter says that they were trying to find an easy way to tag tweets so that they can be grouped and so that they could be easier to search for.

They simply decided to use the pound sign, also known as a hash sign, to tag tweets.  You know I probably already knew that a pound sign was also called a hash sign but it wasn't something I could have told you for sure before writing this post.

So what hashtags do you use on a regular basis?  We are using the hashtag #blogboost for the Ultimate Blog Challenge which is happening now.  If you are joining us for the challenge be sure to use the #blogboost on your tweets.

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