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by Guest Blogger, Nancy Marmolejo
Online Visibility Expert

We humans are a funny lot. For whatever reason, the things that come easiest to us get dismissed as unimportant. So many of us have it instilled in our beliefs that something is only valuable if it’s hard to attain.

This shows up in business all the time and is one of the main blocks keeping you from discovering your Profitable Essence.

Your Profitable Essence is the unique blend of talents and skills you have, done in your special way with your signature mark, that is directly tied to how you make money. It’s the ultimate “ah-ha!” in your business. “Oh, so that’s what I do!!!”, I often hear my clients exclaim.

In order to get closer to your Profitable Essence and really claim it as your own, first you need to do a little Treasure Hunting. This is about looking into your amazing skills and talents and finding what makes you absolutely incomparable.

Super talented, multi-faceted entrepreneurs are sometimes the toughest nuts to crack when it comes to discovering their Profitable Essence. These are the folks (and maybe you can relate to this) who are good at LOTS of things, but have trouble narrowing it down to a few strong results.

What’s important is that you go through all the wonderful things you do and pull out the true showpieces. Imagine walking into a room full of stuff… and the treasures are hidden in the clutter. No wonder people’s eyes glaze over when they hear you talk about your work! There’s just too much to process and nothing to anchor the focus on.

It’s time you do some Treasure Hunting in your business. To help you get started, here are a couple questions to ask yourself:

1. What are the things you do remarkably well, your true genius work?

2. What types of amazing results do your clients get from working with you?

3. Look at everything you’re currently offering your clients. Which of those things feel like “shoulds” and which truly delight you?

4. Think of your worst client ever. What happened? Where was the mismatch? This is a really good one for outlining what you do best and who you best work with.

If you spend a bit of time reflecting on those, you’ll start to see patterns emerge. Those patterns will be the map to your treasure!

Now is the time to drop mediocrity and step towards having a business that is nothing less than remarkable. Tapping into your Profitable Essence is a start that can lead you to ultimate success in your business.

Thank you Nancy for this wonderful article.

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