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BTdEo94CcAA1es7Have you ever watched a child learn to walk?  They take a step – and then they fall.  It is a natural part of the process. The child doesn't stop trying because they keep falling – they know deep down that eventually they will walk – so they keep trying and trying – until one day – the walk right across the room and into your arms.

Do you really (down deep) know that you will succeed with your business?  Without that inner strength and sureness, you may never succeed.  The good news for you – all it takes to get that deep down feeling that your success is a natural progress is a simple decision.  Making that decision – and living into it – are the most important things you can do for your business. 

Succeeding online is just like learning to walk – you will fail.  
  If you have the guidance of a coach or has walked  on your path – you might only be falling 2 times for every 1 time you succeed.

OK, then.  Are you thinking – Michele, that is SO depressing – if there is so much falling and failing going on – how does anyone ever succeed online?

Well, the ones who do are the ones who have learned the lesson of the toddler learning to walk – they fall down and get back up quickly.  They analyze what went wrong and adjust – over and over again.

They have true grit.  The thing is you can't develop grit until you have a solid long term goal. Without a clear focus and direction, it is too easy to just quit after the 5th failure or the 25th…

So, now it's decision time.   Look yourself in the mirror and say – “I will succeed online no matter what – whatever works or doesn't work in the short term – I've made my decision and am in for the long term!”

Now that you've made your decision – it's time to set one long term goal.

Stuck for what to choose?  Here are some ideas:

I will create a product that meets the needs of my niche market and that product will become profitable.

I will do whatever it takes to create full-time income online.

I will do whatever it takes to make enough money to make a car payment online.

I will do whatever it takes to become known as an expert in my niche market.

I will do whatever it takes to create the best __________ online.

Whatever your goal, your ‘I will do whatever it takes, no matter what’ goal, you should personalize it.  Where I wrote ‘niche market’, name it, where I wrote ‘product’, name your product.

Write your goal once each on five pieces of paper.  Put one in your bathroom, one in your kitchen, one in your living room, one in your car, and one at work.

Now that you have a goal – you need a plan.  Join me on 3/14 for a half day workshop on how to create your online success blueprint.