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Did you work through lunch again today? Well I don't think you'll make that mistake again after reading this! Our guest post today comes from Emi Kirschner who will teach you a very unexpected way to achieve business success.


A bad habit is the result of repetition. Awareness is the key to breaking the cycle. First become acutely aware of your unwanted tendencies, then you can work to replace the bad habits with good ones. -Peak Performance

Strung out on coffee and adrenaline, we entrepreneurs are “in” our business 24/7. Like an expectant mother, you are giving birth to your dreams, pulling, pushing and prodding something from nothing. Even when you aren’t officially working, some place in the back of your head you are coming up with the next great idea or more efficient way to sell, market, etc. etc. You are running a marathon; frequently at a sprints pace. You want to accomplish more in less time and with fewer resources. High energy and driven by the love of what you are creating, you also tend to be the one most likely to skip meals or forget to eat.

It’s easy to fall in the belief that “You Don’t Have Time to Eat.” Believe me, I completely understand the passion of success and being driven to achieve. To get one more thing done so you can continue to move the business forward or solve a client problem. The problem arises when you become almost disconnected from any signs that you are hungry or in need of energy until the end of the day, when your mind shifts to the exhaustion you feel – more coffee please! Or you walk in the door and realize that you are starving and start munching on something… anything while dinner is being prepared.

In my work with very successful entrepreneurs I hear that they want to refine their actions to increase performance. They are looking for minor adjustments that will bring big results.

In order to accomplish this, you need to re-frame how you look at your day and think of yourself as a performance athlete. Think of Olympians. They train really hard for long periods of time AND they eat because they know that what they choose to eat will make a difference in their ability to focus and perform to the point that, if they aren’t fueling their bodies at the right time, it could cost them the first place finish they have worked so hard for. You don’t see long distance runners or cyclists saying they “don’t have time to refuel during the race.” They have already calculated when and what they will consume so they can perform at their highest level.

  • Lowered blood sugar levels which can leave you feeling tired;
  • Your brain not getting the energy (glucose) it needs which reduces productivity and the ability to make decisions quickly;
  • Your metabolism not functioning properly so that you end up gaining weight even though your calorie consumption is reasonable.

You DO have time to eat. Your business needs you to eat so you can be at the top of your game and achieve the success you have worked so hard for.

Feeling stuck on how to plan healthy meals and snacks to keep you at an optimum energy level during the day? Then I invite you to schedule a complimentary health assessment to discuss how a custom health plan can help you achieve business success!

EK-Headshot-SquareEmi Kirschner, a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Speaker and Author, cracks the code by showing high achieving entrepreneurs and executives how their relationship with food affects the success of their business and keeps them stuck in stress filled lives. Emi’s compassionate, original style combined with her fun approach to coaching harnesses an inner energy for her clients that delivers results. More than learning what food to eat, you learn to take the chaos out of juggling work and family.

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