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Speaker Microphone“Michele, I got to speak in front of an audience of 1,000 people yesterday – all because I followed your advice and we prepared”.  I was elated when my client (Naomi Hardy) called to tell me that she got an unexpected speaking gig – just because she was prepared.  As a speaker, she got some major recognition at a National event.  If she didn't have her kit together, that would not have happened!

Having an “emergency speaking kit” that you carry with you, will make you ready for the next opportunity that comes your way.

Of course it can get pretty overwhelming to figure out what to include in the kit, so I thought I’d share with you the contents of my “just in case” speaking kit.

These are the exact same tools I carry with me every time I attend a meeting or conference.

Take a look…

A USB Drive With Your Speech

This is hands-down the best way to make sure you are ready if someone drops out at the last minute.  Just put your PowerPoint on a USB drive. If the call comes, you can just plug it into the presentation computer and be ready to go.  Of course, this assumes you have a speech ready to go.  If you don't, no problem, check out my free webinar Get Paid To Speak, to get the basics.

An Intro to be Read From The Stage

I always like to have someone introduce me from the stage rather than having me introduce myself.


Because it “borrows” the authority of the host to give me additional credibility with the audience.

Want really great results?  Ask the host (if they are a client or they have worked with you) to give a quick one sentence testimonial as part of the introduction.  Something like: “Michele is my coach and helped me to double my revenues last year.  I thought she could share some of her wisdom with you”.

A Ready Made Offer and Freebie

Along with your USB Flash Drive and your Intro, carry a few printed order forms with you and/or have a freebie ready to offer.  You might as well get a good return on investment for your speech.

I go over how to create a compelling offer and how to make money even if you are not allowed to sell from stage in my Get Paid to Speak webinar. Click here to get Instant Access to the webinar!

Putting it all Together

You want to be the go-to person when someone needs an emergency speaker right? Then be sure to have the items on the list.  You'll be ready to go, and you'll be a hero to the event planner.  Guess who they'll call the next time they need a speaker?