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Screenshot 2014-01-31 06.31.01Take just a minute, close your eyes. Breathe deeply.  Imagine what your world would be like if you had an online empire.  Would you have more time with your kids or spouse?  More money to spend on extras like travel?  Would you be able to hire help with cleaning, errands, etc.  Send your kids to private school…

Reading this post is the first step to creating that life for yourself.  Now, imagine what your empire looks like.  Are you selling products? services information?  Or, are you making money by referring other's products?  Is your empire automated so it works even when you are lying on the beach somewhere?

Here are the 7 steps to making that happen:

1)  FOCUS! You will only build your empire by focusing like a laser.  You will only make money by becoming  an expert at something, and doing that one thing well and with passion. And… you can only become an expert at one thing at a time.  If you doubt this, think back… You’ve tried this, or tried that. You've chased every squirrel that pops his cute little head into your inbox, Heck,  even now you have 4 different projects going.  None of them highly successful.  What would happen if you dropped all but one of them and focused on being the very best in the whole world at that one project.  Where would that project be in 90 days, 6 months?

2)  Create a plan and invest in your education.  Learn more about your new focus than anyone else. I share my plan in my free e-book – Cash in On Your Expertise.

3)  Take action!  Yes, you need to spend some time learning – you need to become THE expert in your area.  And, that is not a born trait, you can get there by researching and learning.  When I started Decisive Minds, I didn't know Social Media – I took a very comprehensive course.  But, then I applied what I learned (that is the thing that many people just don't do.)  You can only grow your business at the rate you implement what you learn. If you get stuck, no problem, learn how to get past that roadblock, but keep DO-ing.

4)  Break the Pattern  I get hundreds of e-mails every day.  Most of them were written with the same outline.  I don't read them because I know what they are going to say.  The ones I read are the ones that stand out.  It is clear the senders read all the same books as the plug and play authors – but they took the basics and added their own special flair – it makes a huge difference.

5)  Be better than anyone else.  It is really tempting to “look on someone else's paper” and copy their success.  It is really how most people get started.  But, the goal shouldn't be “copy” it should be improve.  How can your stuff be even better than your mentors?  Or, how can you serve YOUR audience better?

6)  Think big–bigger than you are.  This is where a lot of you get stuck.  The thing is, that God gives you exactly what you ask for.  If you think you can't make money – that's what will happen.  If you think you can make $500 week – that's all you'll make.  I drive my team crazy with my BIG goals (they are good workers – they want to meet whatever goals I set).  The thing is, I always, always, do better than the realistic goals they would have me set, by thinking BIG.

7)  Give it everything you've got.  Remember when you were in school (finishing high school or college) and you were close to graduation – you gave it everything you had to finish.  You stayed up late, you got the papers done because you knew there was a degree at the end of the hard work.  This is the same thing – if you put in the time and invest in your education, you will have a booming business.  My private clients have had huge successes.  I help guide them – but mostly it is because they all work very hard.

If you want a step-by-step plan of how to get started – download my free e-book – Cash In On Your Expertise – where I show you step by step how I built my online empire from 0 to six figures (and beyond) in just 6 months.