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Seven-Figure SuccessWhether you are looking for six or seven-figure success, the secret ingredient is probably not what you think.

The one thing that seven-figure business owners have in common is that they set goals and have plans to reach those goals. I know that seems super simple, but it is absolutely critical.

You cannot get to where you want to go if you don't have a clear picture of the destination in your mind. You get that picture by setting goals and then creating a plan.

Secret Ingredient to Seven Figure Success- the Goal Getting Method

The reason most people don’t reach their goals is they set BIG goals like breaking the seven-figure barrier (nothing wrong with that – it’s a good goal) but they stop there. Having an intention is helpful, but it is just a picture in a catalog; if you don't order the item, it will not become yours.

There are actually two more steps in the goal-getting process:

Step 1:  Get Very Specific  It is not enough just to say that you want to earn six figures.  You need to break it up even more.  $100,000 annually in revenue is $8,333 a month. $1,000,000 annually is $83,333 a month. The next step is an important one.

Step 2: What Does That Look Like?  This is the part that most people skip.  This is also the place where a coach or mentor can help you the most.  In order for a goal to happen, you need a plan.  Let’s say your goal is $8,500 a month.

How is that going to happen?

  • Four $2,000 platinum coaching clients
  • 28 people in a $297 virtual day or group coaching program
  • 181 people buying your $47 e-book

or some combination of the above.

A great way to plan this out is to use my DM Quarterly Revenue Projections.  When people come to coach with me, this is our blueprint.  Which brings me to the most important step…

Step 3:  What Has to Happen To Get Me There?  OK, great – you have your goal and you have a basic plan.  The third step is to go one step further.  What do I need to do to get to that goal?  For example, if your goal is to get eight ongoing coaching clients paying $1,000 a month – you need to figure out:

  • How many strategy sessions will it take me to enroll 1 new $1,000 a month client per month (that would actually be 12 at a time if you have a year-long program – but you need to build)?
  • What am I going to have to do to book those sessions each month? Your answers could be networking, blogging, live events, etc.)

Of course,  it helps to work with a mentor who has already done what you want to do – but even just getting the plan together and breaking it down will help immensely.

Bonus Step:  Work Your Plan:   Once the plan is in place – get to work!  Accountability really helps here, that is why people with coaches tend to move faster.  They have someone to keep them accountable.  If private coaching isn’t in your budget, you can get a lot of accountability through taking classes or joining mastermind groups.