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InfographicsInfographics are all the rage online and now they are showing up at events! Have you ever been to an event or in a meeting where someone is visually capturing what the speaker is saying? As someone who can barely draw stick figures, I find these drawings to be amazing. I am so excited to tell you that I found the most amazing person to do this at  Decide,Act,Profit. By the way, these life sized Infographics are called InfoDoodle Murals. These exciting and fun 6 foot murals will be hand drawn by Laura West of The Center for Joyful Business.

During the conference Laura will capture the brilliance and soundbites of the keynote speakers by creating InfoDoodle Murals (doodled illustrations + key words) live during presentations.  This adds an element of fun and creativity to our event plus makes it easier for the visual learners to reinforce the valuable strategies and tools shared by the presenters.

Here is the best part. When you attend the event, not only will you be able to get your picture taken with your favorite speakers’ murals, but after the event you will also be receiving your very own 8.5”x11” copies. It’s a great way to preserve the key learning points! And don’t forget to share this visual marketing buzz on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter during the event, using the hashtag #DAP2016.

Click here to join us at Decide, Act, Profit and experience these life sized Infographics.

Laura West is a passionista for creative success! As the CEO of the Center for Joyful Business, creative success coach, speaker and mural doodlist she has helped 1000’s of entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and corporate professionals find their creative leadership and authentic success. You can find out more at www.JoyfulBusiness.com