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owning__marketing_small_business_bloody_hard_workA lot of you are asking me how I really got my business going. Like many of you, I spent months and months “pretending” to be in business. I spent hours playing around on the web — but I was really getting nowhere.

Here’s how I put a stop to that and got my business going in a real way.

It all started with a simple decision and an action step.

Like many of you, I spent a lot of time listening to teleseminars. One day, I happened to listen to a call with Nancy Marmolejo. Nancy really resonated with me. On the call, she was interviewing Adam Urbanski who was offering a discounted $600 ticket to his event. Uggh… I thought I can’t spend the money and the time to pay $600 for the conference and go all the way to Los Angeles…

But… Adam is nothing if not persistent. He sent e-mails daily — each time I thought “Nope not going to do it” Then one email exactly 2 weeks before the event said something about coming to meet amazing business owners like Nancy Marmolejo and something snapped inside me – this was a way for me to meet Nancy so I bought a ticket (that was actually the only reason I was going – I wanted to meet her.). Of course, the discount tickets weren’t available any more – I paid $1997 (full price). And then immediately bought an airplane ticket.

That one seemingly random decision, changed my life and my business forever.

As a result of that decision, I hired Adam as my coach, I found my first virtual assistant and I became a part of a powerful network of colleagues that I collaborate with to this day. The network is made up of people I met at that conference. My business has completely changed – Decisive Minds was born 2 months later.. Did you know that when I started out, my business name was Mompreneur Strategy (how unlike me is that??).

So.. now it is time for YOU to make a decision that can possibly change your life.

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