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I really hate to say this, but the reason you aren't succeeding in your business is simple. You are lazy.

You are lazy.

“But, Michele… I'm working 80 hours a week.  I am spending hours and hours on my business.”  I don't care.  If you aren't making sales you are lazy.  No, ands, ifs, or buts about it.

The statistics are staggering; 80% of all sales are made by 20% of salesmen. That’s because they are the ones doing the follow-up. They continue to make the phone calls, they mail the birthday cards, they continue to ask for the sale until they get a yes or a go to hell.

Want to turn that around so you can make more sales?

Great, I'll show you.

In my book, Take the Risks or Get A Job, I talk about exactly what you need to do to stop being lazy so you can start making sales and seeing success.

Here are some strategies I share in my book to help you to break your bad habits so you can start making sales.

Connect with The Cards

 Do you have those piles of business cards on your desk that you meant to follow up on? You know you do. And if you don’t shame on you, because it probably means you haven’t been networking. OK so what you do with all those cards and all the future cards you bring home is to connect with those people on social media. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, Connect on your favorite social media platforms.  Ask them how you can help them. The goal is to schedule a “connection” call so you can get to know them better.

Change Your Life in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Your second follow-up strategy is to do 15 minutes of outbound calls every day. Only 15 minutes. You are going to take that stack of business cards and pull out the ones you really wanted to connect with or your list of previous clients or just those people you have been meaning to connect with, pick up the phone and dial.  I know the phone can seem like it weighs 10,000 lbs – but here's a little tip – there is a 90% chance the person won't pick up and you'll be leaving a message anyway.  Here's a quick script:

“Hey Mary, This is Michele Scism. I know you’re busy and I only have a few seconds but we met at Suzanne’s event and we exchanged cards and said we would connect. I just wanted to set a time for us to talk and get to know each other.” You do this for

You do this for 90 days and you will change your life and your business.

It isn't no until it is “hell no”

One thing that I see ALL the time with entrepreneurs is that they give up the first time someone tells them no. No, doesn't always actually mean no.  A lot of time, it just means that they simply need more information, or right now isn't the best time for them.   Keep sending them information and keep asking… until they tell you to stop communicating things.  Some of my favorite clients were on my list and coming to my event for years before they signed up for an event.  So keep asking!

Take The Risks of Get a Job!

Now you have a plan. Make those connections daily and watch your business grow!  Brian Tracy says that “Successful people are just those with successful habits.”

Want more successful habits?  Grab your copy of my book – Take the Risks or Get a Job here.