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tagpradio_logo_FINAL_squareI’m so excited to be interviewing Toni Harris and Megan Huber and Guest 2 on my radio show on Monday, April 14 at 2pm Central (3pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific).

You can catch the show live (or catch the recording here.).

Screenshot 2014-04-09 21.33.14Toni, affectionately known as “The Turnaround Queen®”, is a passionate, dynamic and energetic speaker who encourages her audiences to take drastic steps outside of their comfort zone to achieve amazing sales results! With only a high school diploma, Toni excelled as a financial advisor to become a six figure income earner in the worst economic times. As a former financial advisor and sales manager, Toni consistently performed in the Top 10% of the sales force.Personally, Toni has fought and won the weight loss battle. In fact, she actually weighed over 240 pounds twice! However, she took some drastic steps to lose the weight and has kept it off for over 9 years! In 2012, Toni took a drastic step and left her lucrative financial sales career to care for her husband as he battled cancer. After losing her husband, she is now taking her own drastic steps to reinvent herself, reclaim her life and inspire others to greatness! http://www.drasticonlineresults.com






Screenshot 2014-04-09 21.37.36Megan J Huber is a Business and Life Success Coach, speaker, author and creator of the Authentically Aligned Profits system. She helps coaches, authors and speakers go from a whirlwind of brilliant ideas and few results to a ‘structured freedom’ format that easily creates more cash, clients and confidence resulting in more time, freedom and relaxation.

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