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I’m so excited to be interviewing Gregory Anne Cox and Paul Taubman on my radio show on Monday, June 2 at 2pm Central (3pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific). You can catch the show live (or catch the recording here.).

Cox_Gregory_4x6_web_JonathansPortraitsGregory Anne Cox loves food but had a really bad relationship with it for many years. Whether she’s coaching one on one, running a group, or in front of a room leading a workshop, she tells people the truth about food and health so that they can make choices that give them the results they want. It’s a confusing world when it comes to health and nutrition advice. Greg makes looking and feeling good simple.

Greg’s been through the physical, the mental, the spiritual, and the woo woo night of the soul. Not only did she live to tell the story, she wrote the book on it. Your Genes Do Not Determine The Size of Your Jeans was released on Amazon in late October 2013 and she refers to it as the Missing Midlife Manual.


PaulMedPaul B. Taubman, II has his roots deep in the world of technology. Working as a Solutions Architect at Fortune 500 companies for the past 25 years, Paul gets systems to talk each other and share data. He’s learned how to teach all this “technical stuff” to non-techies! Paul’s a master instructor at taking the obscure and complex and explaining it in a simple, fun, and educational way. Within the past 5 years, Paul has turned his attention to teaching website development to folks looking to take control of their website.

Paul is a Speaker, Presenter, and Trainer dealing with WordPress and marketing online. He is a featured speaker at David Perdew’s bi-yearly NAMS conference, has spoken at Michele Scism’s “Take Action, Get Profits” Live event, and will be speaking at Connie Ragen Green’s upcoming event, “The Weekend Marketer Live.” Your stress levels will melt away after working with Paul as you take control of your website and turn it into a profit machine. Visit http://INeedHelpWithWordPress.com for more information.

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