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BncnIv-IYAAec3OI’m so excited to be interviewing Deborah Bishop and Arla DeField on my radio show on Monday, June 23 at 2pm Central (3pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific).  You can catch the show live (or catch the recording here.).

deborah bishopDeborah Bishop is an acclaimed intuitive, wealth coach and keynote performer / personal development performance artist (combining speaking, original songs and comedy). She developed her life-changing “Whole Wealth Method” to help individuals from all walks of life break through personal barriers to meet their greatest potential. Her work centers on the premise that anything is possible when you can allow it in. Knowing how to allow however means also know how to recognize the past, habits, patterns, and fears, this is the crux of Deborah’s work and she calls it defining your Foundational Lie so it no longer gets to define you. Deborah’s stirring solo presentation, the “One Woman Show“, uses heartfelt stories, humor and musical performances to inspire audience members to their next level of greatness. http://www.wholewealthglobal.com/

arla defieldArla DeField loves business! She is especially passionate about helping people pursue their dreams to start and run a successful business. She has owned several businesses through the years, some wildly successful and others not so much, but she feels that every experience in business had made her stronger, knowledgeable and has helped her get to the next level.

The desire to help others start, build and grow their own business led Arla to complete the curriculum to be a certified business coach. Knowing the benefits of online – on demand education, Arla has set out to create the online version of the NxLevel Business StartUP Course. With all the business education and information available, there is no reason that anyone cannot pursue their dreams of owning a successful business! http://thinkandgrowbusiness.com/

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