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tagpradio_logo_FINAL_squareI’m so excited to be interviewing Jen Fitzgerald and Shelley Mitchell on my radio show on March 31 at 2pm Central (3pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific).
You can catch the show live (or catch the recording here.)


FirefoxScreenSnapz076My name is Jen Fitzgerald and I am the creator of The Client Angel, & popular programs like The Angel Factor. I am a relationship building and follow-up pro with a passion for teaching my strategies to entrepreneurs all over the world. I am the founder and owner of The Client Angel, a tool used worldwide by business owners helping them to attract and retain more customers, grow their businesses, and enjoy more freedom in their lives. After applying my proven strategies, we’ve seen clients experience significant growth in their business, more referrals, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they never miss anything in their customers’ lives. http://www.theclientangel.com

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailShelley Mitchell is an expert in Entrepreneurial Coaching and her mission is in helping Smart, Driven, Creative Entrepreneurs get Un-Stuck, Un-Stressed and Out of Overwhelm so they can create their VISION, develop their PLAN, FOCUS on their PRIORITIES, and take ACTION to build their businesses, make more money and reach their dreams and goals. Creator of the Right Brain Solution (productivity tools for creative entrepreneurs) and Author of the forthcoming Book Series “How to Get & Keep What you Really, Really Want”. As a woman of many talents with a stellar success record of over 23 years starting and running small to multi-million dollar businesses, she understands how passion, drive, and commitment have made it possible to live her best life and how it has put her in a unique position, which allows her to serve her clients in extraordinary ways. http://www.mypersonalbusinesscoach.com

Would you like Michele to promote you?
Michele is looking for 4 entrepreneurs to promote on her radio show.  If your ideal clients are entrepreneurs and you would like Michele to recommend you to her audience on her radio show (and possibly in her newsletter) click here for more information (on the page click on segment sponsor tab).  Or email questions directly to Info@DecisiveMinds.com.