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Take Action Get Profits – Radio Niche Marketing, Communication & Content Strategy

Michele is excited to be interviewing Matthew Pollard & Nina Tomaro about how you can communicate with niche market, make content strategy and what that can bring to your business at 2pm Central. You can call in live or catch the show recording of Take Action Get Profits – Radio Niche Marketing, Communication & Content Strategy here.


Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard
is the Rapid Growth Guy! As a serialentrepreneur, published author, international speaker,coach and consultant, Matthew Pollard is revolutionizing the world ofbusiness. Matthew hasbeen characterized as a true differentiation, niche marketing, and salessystemization powerhouse. He now offers online sales, niche marketing and business seminars through MatthewPollard.guru and real world business coach training through his top ranked podcast, Better Business Coach.

Nina Tomaro

a Communication & Content Strategist, Guru of Creating Share-Worthy Content, A Professional Listener, Contributor for the Huffington Post, and Engaging Speaker. Content / communication strategist. Content is in what we say, and how we say it. Great content has the power to teach, inspire, and benefit this beautiful planet in so many ways. I do what I do, because I believe that creating and sharing great content will lead to better companies, smarter and happier people, and more inspiring leaders that will have a ripple effect on the planet. Some of my favorite examples of incredible world changing content include:
-Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech
-Google and it’s seemingly infinite knowledge at our fingertips
-TED Talks: Go here and choose what you want to be inspired about: www.ted.com/talks
-Any piece of art. Art is content that manifests feelings and thoughts into other forms.

Nina Tomaro

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Michele is looking for 4 entrepreneurs to promote on her radio show.  If your ideal clients are entrepreneurs and you would like Michele to recommend you to her audience on her radio show (and possibly in her newsletter) click here for more information (on the page click on segment sponsor tab).  Or email questions directly to Info@DecisiveMinds.com.