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By Linette Daniels, Guest Blogger
Empowering Youth For Success

How do you support your child’s dream?

How are you helping him or her get from where they are to where they want to be?

We all have the capacity to dream and deserve to live our dreams but unlike adults, children have no ceiling when they dream. They may want a horse, a big house or even an airplane for mom and dad. For them, the sky is the limit until their dreams get squashed by life’s harsh realities.

If children don’t dare to dream and the world never has anyone who achieves, where will mankind be?


Your job is to acknowledge and encourage your child’s talents and interests. A child who loves to cook may open the next 5-star sensation or a child who loves to read might one day own a bookstore.


Expose your child to a variety of opportunities and allow him or her to choose their path in life. Encourage an attitude of success by providing the necessary resources and creating an atmosphere of support.


A child who has been brought up in an entrepreneurial home will most likely take the same road. You are the key to your child’s success and the time to lay that strong foundation is now.


Linette Daniels is one of my favorite people.  Her dedication to children and the positive impact she is having on their success is phenominal.  I am going to be interviewing Linette on how kids can be successful entrepreneurs.  I think this will be a powerful call for any parents or grandparents that want more for their children.  Get more informataion about the call here => http://decisivesuccessstrategies.com/linettedaniels/