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So…  what is the number one thing that stops people from having success in business?  It isn't lack of time, lack of money or just bad luck.  It's that most beginning business owners are just not willing to do what it takes to have a successful business.  Yes, there is a formula – but in involves doing things that are outside of most people's comfort zones.  So many people have a fantasy about sitting by the pool with their computer in front of them making obscene amounts of money.

Yes, there are people who work from around the world, mostly virtually, who make a lot of money, but they've EARNED that right by following the proven formula. 

How do I know they are following the formula?  I see them at events, signing up for mentoring,  in high end mastermind groups they talk about the fact that they have teams, that they spend most of their work time having sales conversations that happen because of systems in their business.

They do what their coach tells them to do.  

OK… so at this point, you might be thinking, “Michele, my business is different – I can't follow the same formula everyone else does.”  This is where I need to take a stand for you.

Your business is NOT unique – YOU are. 

This week was my Millionaire Minds mastermind.  The clients in this group have mostly been with me for years.  They keep renewing because they keep getting results. Two of my clients just closed over five figures of business in a weekend.  My clients are coaches, service professionals and brick and mortar business owners.  Their businesses have nothing in common with each other.  Yes, by following my blueprint – and doing what I ask of them (even if it stretches them) – I've seen client after client succeed.  And the ones who don't?  It is most often because they don't want to follow the blueprint… they want their business to be unique.  But, here's the deal…

You can follow the blueprint and still create something VERY unique.

At the retreat this weekend, I treated my millionaire masterminds people to a a painting party.   As you can see in the picture above – they were all painting from the same plan – but everyone's painting was still a unique creation.   If you follow a successful blueprint – your business WILL be unique AND successful.

Want to learn how to find that blueprint for YOUR business?  Start by taking my Decisive Minds Assessment.

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