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Is Your ROI a roll of the dice?

Is Your ROI a roll of the dice?

It is definitely a tedious task, but it is so important to take the time to measure the results of campaigns that you’re sending out.  It isn’t enough to just send them out, you have to know if they’re working too!

The key think you want to look at is conversions.  This can be sales, newsletter signups, or form submission but you want to look at the goal of the campaign and see if you’re converting sends to that goal.  Look at those conversions and then ask yourself some questions.  How much time did you spend on that conversion?  How much money did you spend on the conversion?  If you were selling a product, what was your return on investment (ROI)?

Now, sometimes conversions take time so another thing to look at is clicks.  Not every person is going to buy or sign up the first time they click on your link, but the fact that they’re clicking means there is some engagement.  Look at how many clicks you had from the campaign compared to how many conversions.  Something else to consider with clicks is the bounce rate.  How many clicks did you get compared to how many actual page views?  If you’re having a huge bounce rate there could be something wrong with your sales page, your copy, or your links.  You won’t know though if you don’t take the time to look.

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful campaign that is drawing in clicks that can’t convert because the technology isn’t working.  The sooner you figure that out, the faster you can resolve the issue to get people converting.  By tracking both the bounce rate and the page errors, you can see what’s going on.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your shopping cart is effective.  Take a look at how many people are putting items in their shopping cart but not actually completing the sale.  Could it be something wrong with the shopping cart?  Or are they seeing something in the cart that is changing their mind – like the price?  Or maybe they just can’t figure out how to use the shopping cart.  Again, you won’t know to even investigate these things if you aren’t measure your results!

Take some time this week to measure the results of your most recent campaign and stop by my Facebook page to let me know what you discovered.