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As of this very moment the count down is on – there are 39 days, 15 hours and 29 minutes until my Take Action Get Profits event starts in New Orleans.  Are you registered?  No – Why not?  I've been sitting here wondering what I need to say to help you understand why you need to be there.

Aren't you tired of just barely making it? 

Does it feel like your money is already spent when you receive it?

Maybe you have been to other events and when you got home nothing changed in your business!

You know what – I get it!  This might seem like a pretty big commitment but will you let me try to ease your fears?  After I do I am going to share a video with  you that talks about the the Take Action Get Profits event and as a thank you for reading this post I am going to make you a super deal.  Which one of these (or maybe more than one) really resonates with you?

I just can't afford it!

My question for you is “Aren't you sick of being broke?”  How many times do you hear yourself saying you can't afford it? What would you change in your business to make it profitable?  What if I taught you how to overcome objections in the sales process which would help you close more sales?  What would that be worth to you?  How about if at Take Action Get Profits I showed you how to build a leveraged income in your business?

I can't take that much time away from my business!

Now I have had this thought before.  My question for you is “What type of business are you building?”  Are you building a real business or have you just built a job for yourself?  My father taught me when I was really young that business owners can go on vacation and still make money.  Would you like me to show you how I built a business that makes money while I play?  Last Sunday I was actually enjoying my grandmother's 90th birthday party and during the party my cell phone kept going off – I made $943 and never lifted a finger.  And even better than that – my systems are set up so that they paid me and my automated system sent them what they ordered so I literally never had to do anything for them.

How do I know that it will work for me?

Maybe that little voice is saying that you won't follow through.  What will you change after the event?  Will you really Take Action and if you take action will you really Get Profits?  I can't answer that one for you – what I can tell you is that if you are ready to make the decisions necessary to change your future I will be there to support you.  I will give you specific proven strategies that are easy to implement.  You will get me in a room for 3 days to ask me any questions that you might have about building your business.  You will start implementing your strategy during the event – we are going to have Implementation Time actually during the event!!

How about a little fun?  Isn't it time you did something fun for yourself?  Well I can tell you it doesn't get much better than the French Quarter in New Orleans.  You are going to eat some amazing food, see some amazing sites and hear some amazing music.

Ok so watch this video and then I have a super deal for you.



Would it help if you had a FREE ticket?  Well since you took the time to watch the video and read this blog post I want you to come as my guest.  It's really easy – just click here and pay the $197 reservation fee.  When you get to the event your money will be waiting on you.  That's right – as long as you show up at the event you get it back.  OK It is decision time!

If you would like more information about the event go to http://TakeActionGetProfits.com.  See you in New Orleans!