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The very first step to finding clients to get them to opt in to your e-mail list.  In these days of e-mail overwhelm, it is harder than ever to tempt people to put their name in the box.   You need a giveaway that is tempting, tantalizing and that stirs your ideal client to action.

If your goal is to find clients and build a list – your giveaway has to be something that people want so much – that they can't help but put their e-mail in the box.  And, if you use double opt-in – you want your customers to be waiting impatiently for the confirmation e-mail to arrive so that they can click the button and get the goodie.

If that is your goal – you'll end up with something that will get the attention of you prospects – if it doesn't – your customers won't pay attention.  People may come to your site – but they won't join in your conversation.

Just like an overall marketing funnel – you need to have a giveaway funnel.  You may have more than one giveaway – each part solves part of your ideal clients biggest problem.  It doesn't matter whether you have just one giveaway or several.

The important thing is that your giveaways aren't random.  There needs to be a central theme – what problem is your giveaway trying to solve.

One of the biggest problems I see is that people create a giveaway on the fly because they “should” – but it doesn't fit with the rest of the giveaways or with their larger funnel.  This confuses potential clients.   When clients are confused they will go to someone else's website to get the information they need.

Here are three steps to creating a giveaway funnel that works:

1. Listen to your ideal clients – spend time in Facebook groups, do surveys, find out what their biggest problems are.

2. Create a giveaway that answers part of the question.

3. Create a nurture sequence for that giveaway – as part of the sequence ask the prospect what further questions they have.   Based on the feedback you get,  create a new giveaway that answers those questions.

Rinse and repeat.  Remember being consistent and persistent are what counts.