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Today’s blog challenge giveaway is from one of the best Internet Marketing teachers out there – Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins.  Since meeting Bob in a mastermind group a few years ago, I have been impressed by how he can take very technical tasks and complex ideas and break them down so that people can easily understand them.  Bob is going to be one of the instructors and the Extreme Income Explosion Summitcoming up in a few weeks (May 3-5 in Salt Lake City).

So that you can sample Bob’s teaching style, I am giving away recording of an awesome interview he did with me last year.  Click here to download the recording  (no opt-in necesssary).

In this call:

  • Discover the one “mantra” that will double your productivity and income this year.
  • Learn how to break free of the time for dollars trap.
  • How to triple your income with more revenue stream without turning into a spammer or shuckster.
  • How to earn more money and work less.