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Writing a book is one of the best ways I can think of to increase your visibility. My books on have been a terrific source of credibility for me.  They are on sale at Amazon.com now – go check them out.

 Today's guest post comes from Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.  Flora is a Publishing coach for heart-based coaches and entrepreneurs. You can find out more about her work at www.ColorYourLifePublished.com.

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, speaker or other service professional you have a message, service and/or product to share with your clients. No matter how life-changing your service or product, however, your audience must know you exist and know how to find you in order to benefit from what you offer.  That means you must increase your visibility.

You’ve already heard that you need a platform in order to gain visibility which can take the form of speaking to an audience, participating in social media, blogging and other online and offline activities.

The most powerful way to build a platform and thereby gain visibility is to write a book. There are three top reasons why this is true

1. A book is still the symbol of authority.

The key word in authority is the word “author.” Since early civilization, those who could put thoughts and ideas into written symbols have been highly respected and sought out.

With all the changes in the publishing industry many fear that physical books are dead. While it is true that ebooks have begun to outsell physical books, there is no danger that print books will completely go away.

The advent of television didn’t destroy radio as critics thought, nor did the wide use of computers destroy reading.  Instead, each of these advances brought about new and better ways to receive and exchange information.  Likewise, ebooks have given us a new container for the ideas we call books, adding to our choices, and complementing print books.

Meeting organizers report that if two speakers are being considered for an engagement, the one who has written a book will get preference.  A book strengthens a speaker’s credibility and visibility when she can also provide physical copies to be part of registration packets or sold at the back of the room after her presentation. This in turn boosts your sales.

2. A book promotes your business around the clock.

You may be introverted or soft-spoken, but your book speaks loudly about your expertise 24/7. Your book continues to promote your services and maintain your credibility for many years to come.

Your book can be especially powerful in promoting you when you include contact information throughout, directing readers to your website, blog and free downloads.

When your readers share your book with others, it helps to spread your message locally and globally, increase your visibility and eventually boost your profitability in ways that nothing else can.

3. A book communicates, educates and gives information that your client is seeking.

We have become ad-resistant. We don’t like to be sold to, and thanks to technology we can skip TV commercials at will.

By contrast, a book is not intrusive. When your prospective client picks up your book, she has now given you permission to help solve a problem, answer a need and is open to being shown how your expertise can help her.

When a reader browses Amazon and other retail book sites, he is raising his hand to indicate that he is already predisposed to buying when he finds the solution to the problem or inquiry that brought him there.

As an active entrepreneur you have the advantage of having ready content and expertise as starters for your book.  Whether you go it alone, hire a ghostwriter, or enlist the guidance of a publishing coach, you can easily turn your expertise and the value you already share with your clients, into a book.  With the availability of many publishing options, you can write your book, market it via your social media accounts and begin to enjoy increased visibility, enhanced credibility and profitability in a relatively short period of time.  When you’re holding your published book in your hands you’ll wonder why you waited so long.