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I'll be interviewing Rachel Strella on Monday, October 10 at 1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central and 4pm Eastern as the first monthly membership call for the Global Social Media Managers Association.  It is not to late to join GSMMA and be on this content-only call.

Here are the call details:

You Really Can Have It All! Learn to Build a Profitable At-Home Business

With over 30,000 job openings in the field, social media management is a hot ticket to job security in 2011 and beyond. Social media management requires little overhead and takes only a few months, or even weeks, to build and become profitable. Do you have what it takes? Can you master the skills necessary to have a successful business while working from home? How can you secure a six-figure income in your pajamas? Join me for an interview with Rachel Strella, CEO of Central PA Webster, LLC and learn how to establish a thriving social media management business and still have time for the things that matter most.
You’ll discover:

  • Why social management is the best online career in the market
  • How to get started in the business, including how to find clients
  • The qualities that make a successful social media manager
  • How to avoid common mistakes in the industry and leverage your time to maximize your dollars