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Happy 4th of July everyone.  Today, I’m off celebrating with friends and family – but in honor of the 4th of July, I wanted to write about something important — the quickest way to freedom in your business…

Many of my clients (especially those in service businesses) start a business to have free time – but end up chained to their computers and their clients’ schedules.  Instead of getting freedom as a business owner – they get tied down to an even more demanding job than they had before… Does this sound like you?

If so, I want to show you the quickest way to getting freedom in your business — creating your own product!

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Here is an example. I once recorded a tele-seminar about how I added 1000 fans to my Facebook fan page in thirty days. I had so many people register to listen to that call that I ended up doing it twice. After the success of the call I started to think that this might make a fantastic information product. I sent the audio recording to my transcriptionist, who charged me $60 to transcribe the call and turn it into a word document. I hired a graphic designer to create a product image and cover for my new word document and paid him about $75 dollars. I hired a website designer to put together an online sales page using WordPress so I could market the product, which cost me about $250 dollars. Oh by the way, this is one of the ways you get others to do all the work for you. The only part I actually did was record the one hour call.

My total cost for developing this product was $385 plus my time for recording the call.  I call it “How I Grew My Facebook Fan Page From 1 to 1026 Fans in 30 Days” and sell it for $27 at www.YourFanPageSuccess.com. At this price point the fifteenth sale covered all of my expenses.  In the first six months I sold 100 copies so that means my one hour of work paid me $2,315.  Since all of it is digital and automated I do absolutely nothing but watch the money be deposited into my checking account (which happens to be my favorite part).

The most fabulous thing is that I can continue to sell this product for a very long time.  If I can sell ten copies a week at $27, that will mean an annual increase in my cash flow of $14,04l. Not bad for a product that I do not even have to touch.

Wouldn’t you like some of that in your business?  Now, I know some of you are going to say that you’ve created products and haven’t been successful – or that you just don’t know where to start — I want to help you – so I’ve developed a product that will take you step by step through creating and promoting your first product in just 30 days (because summer is too short to commit to much longer than that!).   You’ll learn how to choose a product your audience wants, how to set up teleseminars (both previews and as a product!) and how to get other people to sell your product for you. And, I’m including all of my templates and checklists so that you won’t have to wonder how to implement what I’m teaching.

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For the first round, we’ll be doing this as a group – so you’ll have a chance to get support, networking  as you all develop your products together.

I can’t wait to see what you create.