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Lead nurturing means different things to different people. For this podcast we are talking about leads that are on your email list and connected with you on social media. Question – do you know what the average length of time someone stays on your list before they buy? 1 month? 12 months? 36 months? Now remember we are talking average. Of course, we have some people in this world that make instant buying decisions. At Decisive Minds our average is 15 months.

So, what is it that helps someone who has been hanging out on your email list forever finally make a buying decision? We call that lead nurturing.

In today’s podcast, Michele Scism is talking about different strategies to engage and nurture your leads.

Oh, and if you are still stuck on the “getting leads part”, check out this blog post “Content Marketing Creates 3X’s More Leads Than Traditional Marketing”.

Content Marketing Creates 3x’s More Leads Than Traditional Marketing