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megaphone-pointingSo, why haven't you launched your product yet?

One of the biggest objections my clients give me about creating products is that they don't know how to promote them (or if they do – their promotion isn't very effective). They know that sometimes it seems like you are creating more content for the promotion than for the product itself. There are blog posts, tweets, videos, Facebook posts… The list seems endless, doesn't it? But, if you want the leveraged income and expertise a product can give you, you need to learn how to create a product that sells.

Relax, I have you covered. Here are three great ways to simplify your product promotion. (If you want more – I cover that in my free webinar – Product Success Secrets – Click here to register).

Tip 1:  Crowdsource Your Marketing Copy

If your audience doesn't resonate with your product it won't sell.  People buy things that they think will help them.   The best way to make sure that your promotional copy speaks to your audience is to  get your audience to help write it for you.  Here's how to do that:

  • Listen to Your Audience – Do your clients ask you the same questions over and over again?  For me, it is usually around how to do I get more sales?  Your product should answer those questions.  Your sales copy should acknowledge the problem behind the question – and how how you can solve it.
  •  Go On A Title Hunting Expedition at Your Local Bookstore  This is one of my favorite field trips.  Go look at books in your industry- what's popular.  Read the copy on the back of the book – is there anything you can use there?  Also, check out industry magazines – they spend millions getting the copy just right.  And, you can use that research for free.

Tip 2:  Don't Re-Invent the Wheel – Recycle!

Let's face it – creating content takes time.  To make the most of my time – I don't like to create content that I can't use at least 5 times.  Here are some examples of how to recycle your work:

  • Make a graphic for Facebook – use it as an affiliate banner or in your blog post.
  • Use the graphic as a base for an infographic – you can use that as copy for your newsletter.
  • Blog posts can be easily turned into videos or podcasts.

Scared of making images?  New software makes it much easier.  Try Canva or Pixlr.  If you really don't want to do it yourself – Fiverr is a great resource.  And since gigs are only $5 – have more than one graphic designed and pick what you like the best 🙂

Tip 3:  Involve Your Audience

I left the best tip for last.  Tell you audience that you are creating something for them.  ASK them to help you.  People love to help and by including people from the beginning – you'll have a built in audience for the product when it launches.

What are your biggest product launching questions? List them here.   And, don't forget to check out the webinar.