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IMGP2537Michele Scism of Lake Charles, LA & CEO of DecisiveMinds LLC, shares her secrets to overcoming fears and facing the hidden goblins of being a business owner
Houston, TX: It’s not ok to be scared when it comes to running a business where hidden goblins, spooky sounds and fear of the unknown can quickly give any business owner the shivers.

According to these frightening statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), 7 out of 10 new employer establishments survive at least two years and 51 percent survive at least five years.

The goblins that can quickly undermine a business range from a variety of reasons that can include poor management, lack of experience, overexpansion and lack of planning. Terrifying threats can also include insufficient capital, poor locations, cyber dangers and no website.

When “ghost buster” business coach, Michele Scism steps up with her award winning coaching and advice, all the fear melts away.

Award winning Business coach, speaker and strategist, Michele Scism has the tips every business owner needs to know to be the best equipped when disaster looms threatening to destroy the hard work and effort that can threaten the profitability and productivity of a company.

The best weapon isn’t going to be concocting a magic potion, but facing the unknown by being prepared for any situation and bypassing the scary part, and that definitely applies to businesses.

Scism said helping entrepreneurs achieve success in business in a passion for her.

“The number of businesses that fail every year is staggering and if I can share my knowledge with other business owners and help them to succeed I will have fulfilled my passion! I am the founder of Decisive Minds, LLC, a company dedicated to helping business owners achieve the huge success they deserve,” stated Scism.

For more information on Scism and her coaching programs, upcoming appearances and VIP days, go to https://decisiveminds.com.