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What is that pointy thing you are sitting on?   Ah… it's the fence. 

I have to tell you that not only is fence-sitting very uncomfortable – it is the most common reason people don't succeed.  

The fence is where most of us go when faced with a life-changing opportunity (like attending Take Action Get Profits).  You don't want to give up the chance… yet… you don't want to commit.  The fence seems safe… 

Trouble is, nobody ever got anywhere being neither here nor there.  The fence is resistance – a giant rubber band keeping you from success. 

It is what keeps you inside your comfort zone – afraid to break out and make a change.  The fence stops you from taking decisive action when just one step can change everything. 

Right now you might be on the fence about attending my live event – Take Action Get Profits.

I've been talking to a lot of you are ARE on the fence about attending.  A lot of excuses are bubbling to the surface preventing people from signing up.  That's fine.

 But, I want to to take a minute and think very hard about what you really want.  Do you want a successful business or do you want to keep sitting on that fence?  

Yep. that's what I thought.  Here are three questions to ask yourself to get off the fence?

1.  Why am I considering this?  In the case of Take Action Get Profits, the answer might be to build business or because you know that I am presenting new stuff that will make a big difference to you and your business.

2. What is the worst that will happen if I decide to do this?  You really need to think of the consequences.  Sometimes, you'll discover that the downsides are either too much (so you'll decide not to go) or that they are so minor (your decision is made!).

3. What opportunities will I be losing if I decide NOT to do this?  I went to an event once at the very last minute.  I spent thousands  – I was on the fence probably a little too long.  But, at that event, I met my coach,  I met my first VA, my life and business was changed.  What would you be missing out on if you don't attend?

If you take a minute to answer the questions – then your decision becomes much clearer.  So… get off that fence now.