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What do you regret doing (or NOT doing) this last year?  Is there something you really wanted to do or have happen in 2015 – that hasn’t happened yet?

If you are a coach, my guess is that there are a lot of things you wanted to do but just didn’t get to this year.  As coaches, we are immersed in new ideas, new methods, the latest and greatest.  We keep on top of all of it for our clients, but also for ourselves.  It is easy to create a gigantic list of things that we must do, things that we can do and things that would be great to try.

This is NOT How You Grow Seeds (or Businesses)

Have you ever tried to grow something by just dropping a seed at the ground?  When I was a kid, I planted pumpkin seeds in my backyard, hoping they would sprout.  I never did anything to help the seeds grow.  I didn’t dig into the ground.  I wasn’t watering them. I didn’t do back and check on them.   Consequently, they didn’t grow.   Eventually, they just become part of the soil.  No pumpkins.  No fruit of my inconsistent efforts.

All the “things” you want to try in your business are seeds.  Just throwing them at the ground is not going to get you the results you desire.  In order for seeds to grow, in order for your business to transform, you need to care for them.   For a business idea, that means spending a bit of time on your new “thing” each week,  tracking its success, tweaking it to help it work better for you and for your audience.   Consistent action over time.

It Boils Down To One Simple Thing…

Taking good care of business seeds (or any other kind of seed) requires good habits.  What are you doing every day to make your business a success?   What can you start doing now to make 2016 a big success for you?   One of your first steps is to look at the seeds you planted in 2015.   I do this through an annual review.   I’m sure some of your seeds were good seeds, and worthy of attention.

An Exercise To Help You Look Back at 2015

Find some quiet space, turn on your favorite music and spend some time answering the following questions:

What are your 3 biggest accomplishments this year?  

What are the 3 biggest lessons you’ve learned this year?

What would make 2016 your best year ever?

What are your immediate next 3-5 steps to achieve this “best” year ever?

What is 1 or 2 new habits can you cultivate that will help you to transform your business in 2016?

What bad habits are keeping you from getting things done in your coaching business?

Will This Year Be Different?

Don’t forget, that doing this work now, will help you look back on 2016 as the year that you got things done – rather than just another year with your coaching business in the same place that it was last year.
Let’s help each other.   In the comments, tell me what habit you would like to develop for 2016.