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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

I know what your thinking!  What is BSOS?  It is Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and man do I have a bad case of it today!

You know usually I write posts about online marketing, blogging or how to get new clients but today I just felt like telling you about my crazy day!  You know even this post is a result of my BSOS.

I am not supposed to be writing a post right now I am supposed to be responding to emails but an email led me to LinkedIn and that lead me to a blog post that someone wrote and that led me to searching online for a new camera. Then I stopped and thought “Oh this is a great idea for a blog post” and here I am.

The sad thing is it's 10PM and I have been repeating this pattern since 10AM.

Something funny – I actually read a post by one of my friends Nancy Hagan today that talked about not multitasking and trying to stay on focus.  LOL

Have you ever felt like your day was just a cruel joke?

Good news – I did have a fabulous mid-month call with Michelle Shaeffer and my fellow Ultimate Blog Challenge members today!  At this moment I am just excited that I was able to dial in the number without getting totally side-tracked!

CAN ANYBODY HELP ME?  I think I just need to go to bed.


Well that was going to be the end of the post but then something happened that I thought you would enjoy.  Before I post I always do a preview and re-read and verify that my links work.  So I clicked on Michelle's link above and after a few minutes I realized I was reading her blog posts and had already retweeted the first one and was moving to another.

I really need an intervention!